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Quick Command

Quick Commands are predefined actions that allow you to send quick information to the LLM. By using the mouse's right button, you can easily select a Quick Command.

The Quick Command Built In offers five predefined functions that you can use on your code.

How it works

A Quick Command is a predefined prompt to generate better answers for you. It allows you to select a part of your code and choose one action that suits your needs. This feature is designed to make programming more accessible and efficient.

Image with Quick Command functions


Follow the instructions to use a Quick Command. You will see the answers on your StackSpot AI prompt or inline code.

  1. Select a part of your code and click on the right button of the mouse;

  2. Then select 'StackSpot AI';

  3. Select one of these available options:

  • Add tests for this code
  • Document this code
  • Explain the code to me
  • Is there any code smell in this code?
  • Refactor this code

See an example with the ‘Explain the code to me’:

Gif showing how Quick Command works

The output will be:

An image showing the Quick Command output. It explains the code.

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