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Code Understanding

Code Understanding mode helps you ask questions about technologies, dependencies, integrations, architecture, and design patterns in your open project.

How does it work?

The StackSpot AI code analysis engine is capable of parsing and understanding the source code that you provide. When you index your project source code to StackSpot, the Code Understanding feature analyzes it and provides relevant answers to your queries.

Learn how to use it

Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Allow StackSpot AI to see your project

Follow the steps on the Project Index page to index your project on your IDE.

Step 2. Switch to Code Understanding Mode

Follow the instructions:

  1. You will see a plus sign (+) in the chat box. Click it.
  2. On switch mode, click Code Understanding mode.
  3. Now, you can ask questions about your project.

See an example below:

Gif showing switch to conde understanding mode

Step 3. Ask questions about your project

See the example below:

Gif showing how to index project

After using the Code Understanding mode, you have the option to switch to conversation mode.