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Project Index

You can index a relevant part of your project to gain more context when using StackSpot AI. When you integrate your recent work, StackSpot AI can provide relevant code suggestions and solutions tailored to your context.

Index a relevant part of your project

Indexing the files currently open in your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a great option. With this approach, StackSpot AI will only use the most relevant files, resulting in a more focused indexing process.

To ensure your indexing stays up-to-date and efficient, StackSpot AI only updates the files within your indexed projects that change and are saved by you.

How to index your project

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Access your IDE; in this example, it's Visual Code;

Step 2. Click on the StackSpot Extension on the left side;

Step 3. Click the three dots menu (...) on the upper right side;

Step 4. Select the ‘Project Indexing’ checkbox;

Step 5. Choose the option you want:

  • Relevant
  • None

See an example below:

screenshot showing the index project