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Tokens can be introductory text or file units that LLMs use for processing and generating language. On StackSpot AI, a token is the words you type on the prompt or files you add to create Knowledge Sources. It is used to optimize the platform's performance and provide a transparent experience for our users. The token ensures fair and responsible platform usage for each account. StackSpot AI has a token limit to avoid excessive use on your Personal account. You can choose the Enterprise account to get an unlimited number of tokens.

Token Usage

StackSpot AI has tokens to help control the user's activities within the platform. It tracks each user interaction according to the account type, in this case, the Personal one. When your token usage reaches the defined limits:

  • It prevents further interactions that require token consumption.
  • You will see a notification informing you the token has reached the limit.

Token limits

The Personal account (GitHub login) has a 2 million token limit per month. This number includes the words on your questions to AI and the Knowledge Source files you add within the platform. About the token limit:

  • If you reach the 2 million limit, you get a warning that your limit will end.
  • You will get another 2 million tokens after the end of the month.
  • Can I have another limit? It would be best if you got the StackSpot AI Enterprise plan. For more information, you can send an email to the support team.

Manage & Monitor token usage

There are three ways you can manage your token usage on StackSpot AI Portal. See more details below:

1. StackSpot AI Portal's homepage

Token usage dashboard You can view your token usage limitation on the StackSpot AI Portal's first page. The dashboard indicates the allocated token limit (e.g., "x" tokens) for each user within the account. It will inform you of the remaining tokens and which activities could result in token consumption.

You can see the following information:

  • Monthly token consumption
  • The number of used tokens in your account
  • The renewal date for your plan

Image showing the Token dashboard

2. Analytics

To access this section, go to the StackSpot AI Platform. On the left side menu, click on the Analytics button. In this Analytics section, you will see:

  • The tokens your account has used.
  • A graph showing the monthly usage report

See the image below:

Image showing the Analytics section