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StackSpot Gen-AI

StackSpot's Artificial Intelligence, or StackSpot AI, accelerates your coding process by offering more efficient suggestions and delivering high-quality results.

  • StackSpot AI provides a Portal and an IDE extension designed to enhance your code quality. These tools enable you to streamline your workflows and significantly boost coding efficiency when working within the StackSpot AI Portal.

  • StackSpot AI Extension is a hyper-contextualized generative AI developer assistant. By utilizing the StackSpot AI platform, you can seamlessly install the extension into your integrated development environment (IDE) and engage with it to obtain answers enriched with higher-quality code. The platform will respond in real time as they are generated by the Language Model (LLM). It means you can view the answers being created dynamically, enhancing your experience by giving you immediate feedback and reducing the perceived waiting time for responses.

What can you do?

  • You can create Stacks AI on the StackSpot AI platform and define the technologies, frameworks, and cloud attributes related to your project.

  • Enhance your development using the Knowledge Source feature, which provides additional context and relevant information to fuel StackSpot AI. Incorporating this knowledge produces context-aware code tailored to your requirements, whether code snippets, APIs, or more.

Next Steps