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StackSpot AI IDE Usage

StackSpot AI is a developer assistant. It suggests and helps you develop and get better codes. By utilizing the StackSpot AI platform, you can seamlessly install the extension into your integrated development environment (IDE) and engage with it to obtain answers enriched with higher-quality code.


  • StackSpot AI: Code Buddy is only compatible with:
    • Visual Code Studio version 1.74.0 or later.
    • JetBrains IDE version

Keep your IDE up to date.

Follow the steps below to download and use StackSpot AI

Step 1. Download the StackSpot AI Extension

Step 2. Access your IDE

This example is Visual Code

Then, on the left side, in the Activity bar, click on the extensions icon;

Step 3. On the upper search bar, search for 'StackSpot AI'

Click 'Install'.

See how to do it in the example below:

Gif showing how to install

Step 4. Sign up or log in with your email address

You can create a Personal account with your GitHub. Follow the wizard’s instructions;

Image showing to add the email address

Image showing the how to install

Image showing the how to install

Step 5. You can start using the developer assistant

StackSpot AI IDE Resources

On the right corner, click the three dots button ‘…’, you can:

  • Add Code suggestions: Activate the Code Understanding mode.
  • Project Indexing: You can index your project to add more context to the chat.


There are three buttons on your chat box for selecting Stack AI, Workspace, and KS for chat interactions.

  • Workspaces: When you select a Workspace, choose the Knowledge Sources linked to it. You can also add Stacks AI.
    • My Workspaces: Add your Workspace.
    • All Workspaces: Choose other Workspaces available on your account.

Image with the Workspace button on the StackSpot AI IDE

  • Knowledge Sources: You can choose one more Knowledge Sources. It will help generate responses based on them.
    • Account: Choose the Knowledge Sources available on your account.

Image with the Knowledge Source button on the StackSpot AI IDE

  • Stacks AI: You can select Stack AIs from your account.

Image with the Stack AI button on the StackSpot AI IDE

See an example below:

Gif with three buttons that show up on the StackSpot AI IDE chat box

Creating a new chat

  1. To start a new chat, click the 'Add +' button on the top tab of your IDE.
  2. To view your past conversations, click the timer button on the screen's top right corner.

Usage Example

See an example of how to use StackSpot AI:

On your code project, write in the prompt:

  • User: I want to generate a bank slip in my application

StackSpot AI: Thinking...

StackSpot AI reviews your request and suggests more generic content without previous context.

StackSpot AI: I found an API to help you generate bank slips. Here is a possible integration. I suggest you create the file with this code.

See the example below:

Gif showing the how StackSpot AI works

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