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Update Knowledge Source Content

Knowledge Objects are chunks of information in a Knowledge Source extracted from files you uploaded.

You can update your Knowledge Source by uploading files with mechanisms that sync the extracted objects based on filenames.

The control of the Knowledge Sources uploads is automatic. See how it works below:

  1. StackSpot AI tracks the names of the files. For example, if you upload a file named one.json, StackSpot AI knows the knowledge objects were extracted from one.json.

  2. If you upload a modified file with the same name, StackSpot recognizes it changed and updates the knowledge objects. It does that through a file monitoring system that keeps track of any changes made. It makes sure the knowledge objects are always up-to-date and accurate.

  3. Knowledge objects extracted before this feature cannot be synced. They have a Standalone tag, as well as other objects added manually. You can delete all Standalone objects at once and then upload them as files so you can update them more easily.


When you upload or manually add repeated objects, the system won't add them to your Knowledge Source.

How to update Knowledge Objects in the StackSpot AI Portal

If you need to update Knowledge Object, upload the file with the same name containing your changes. StackSpot AI will automatically recognize the updated content.

Follow the instructions:


You will follow the same steps to upload new Knowledge Objects. Just ensure the file doesn't have the same name as other files already in your Knowledge Source.


When adding new files to a Knowledge Source, the limit is 10 MiB.

Step 1. Access the StackSpot AI Portal

Step 2. On the left-side menu, click ‘Knowledge Sources’;

Step 3. Search for the KS for which you want to upload the files and click on it. Then, click ‘Add files’. After that, you can:

  • Upload files: Add files one by one.
  • Upload zip (beta): Add a zip file with every file you want to add at the same time.

Pay attention to the name of your files. Uploading different contents with the same filename replaces the knowledge objects previously extracted. StackSpot AI will overwrite the same file name. So, the name is essential. Use different file names for each content.

Step 4. Confirm your choice and click ‘Import’.

Done! You updated your Knowledge Source.


Upload zip files to a Knowledge Source

This feature is under evaluation and may suffer changes without prior notice

You can bulk upload to an existing Knowledge Source using zip files via your terminal or StackSpot AI Portal. However, before uploading a zip, you should know:

Zip items are tracked based on their path within the archive. Leverage directories in a zip to avoid name conflicts and overlaps. Extra care is needed with files in the zip's root since their path is just the filename and, therefore, can match an independently uploaded file, resulting in unexpected object replacements.

Example: The zip file the user is attempting to upload contains an openai.json file in the zip's root. However, as an openai.json file was previously uploaded, the paths will match, and the extracted objects may be replaced.